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蜂蜜保濕新形態水花面膜<BR>Patting Splash Mask Energy Citrus & Honey


Patting Splash Mask Energy Citrus & Honey




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BLITHE Patting Splash Mask Energy Citrus & Honey
About this item FRESH SPLASH MASK: Blithe offers this innovative Splash Mask Line that offers 3 variations of facial mask for you after-cleansing skin care routine. VITALITY & RADIANCE: The splash mask is easy to use and its rich Vitamin C level helps illuminating the skin skin while the honey gives a moisturize boost. INGREDIENTS: The Yellow Citrus mask contains concentrated blend of citrus acid, lemon and honey extracts that helps brighten dull and fatiqued skin and helps skin appear more radiant and invigorating. OUR RECOMMENDATION: Splash Mask Energy is suitable for all skin types, especially dark dull & sensitive skin. Order now and join the latest Clean Beauty Trend with this Korean Skin Care Product!
Patting Splash Mask should be diluted before use : PSM should be diluted water or toner because of its high AHA concentration. Recommended ratio PSM : Water = 1: 100 Use straight after diluting : Use PSM straight away after diluting with water or toner. PSM is made up of 60% of natural ingredients hence be careful of product deterioration with a passage of time due to germs and microorganisms.
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Patting Splash Mask Energy Citrus & Honey