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Part Of Me Knew 2 Pieces Set


Part Of Me Knew 2 Pieces Set





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size(cm) ONE SIZE
Bust 42
Thigh Width 75
Sleeve Length 62.5
Armhole 27.5
Length(Set) 30
Ankle Width(Set) 35
Waist(Set) 29.5
Thigh Width(Set) 31
Rise(Set) 29

material: poly 100%

  • All sizes are measured by cross sections of each product laid flat.
  • We invite you to compare these measurements with a similar piece of clothes that you own, a difference of more or less 2cm is acceptable.
  • Detailed measurements may be inconsistent depending upon measuring angles and/or methods.
  • Product's color can be appear different depending on the settings and/or angle of your monitor.
  • The colors are more accurate in the detailed cuts (white background) than the model cuts.
Model Info
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    162cm / Top 44 size
    Pants 25(s) / Shoes 235mm
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    162cm / Top 44 size
    Pants 25(s) / Shoes 230mm
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    167cm / Top 44 size
    Pants 26(s) / Shoes 245mm

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